tea & flowers

At the Caf

A cozy day at the caf ♥

Flea Market

Going to flea markets and go thrifting - one of my favorite things to do ♥

Camera: Canon eos 450D - Lense: Canon 50mm

What if I fall? - Oh, my darling, what if you fly?

A saturday walk to a beautiful beach ♥


A throwback to one of the last summerdays this year.

♥ Miss it already.

The photos of me is taken by Ida Toldns.

Perfect Summerdays

Camera: Canon EOS 450D - Lense: 50mm f1.8

Had a couple of perfect summer days with my bestie earlier this week And yes, I love flowers. Haha.

Casual Wednesday

Some flowers my roomie found in the street.

Boredom = portraits.

Ah, roses <3

Trying on my new shoes from H&M.

Flashtattos <3 Gonna wear a ton of these for the festival next month.

Didn't do much today, but had a good time with my bestie - the camera.

Outfit throwback // June 2014

Just a little reminiscing of some of the outfits i wore in june last year. Kind of miss my red hair...

Liberation Day

Frigjringsdagen, sol og slottsfjellet ♥

Lady's Night

Lady's night with my awesome friend Ida a couple of weeks ago. A small fashionshow, magicshow, some flashtattoos and a little bit of shopping ♥

spring is when life's alive in everything

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.

The sun has come out... and the air is vivid with spring light.

Spring - the music of open windows.

She turned to the sunlight

and shook her yellow head,

and whispered to the neighbor:

winter is dead.

Quotes from quotegarden.

Outfit throwback // april 2014

Har tittet et r tilbake i tid, og tenkte jeg kunne dele noen antrekksbilder fra april ifjor. Var mye flinkere til ta bilder oftere da - s hper det her er litt inspirasjon for meg til f tatt mer bilder (:

If you press Menu - Archive you can look back at my old outfit posts (:

Lazy Sunday // photodiary

My favorite creepers - had to glue these babies back together ♥


Decisions, decisions...

Just some photos from this chill sunday ♦

Springtime At The Brew

It's been a god day - enjoyed a beer and a frozen yoghurt at the brew ♥

Cutest, little coffeeshop

Some pictures from a cute coffeeshop I went to the other day (:

Definitely going back soon <3


♦ Highasakite ♦

♦ Dropkick Murphys ♦

♦ De Lillos ♦

♦ Comet Kid ♦

♦ Donkeyboy ♦

♦The Lumineers ♦

♦ Lykke Li ♦

♦ Lilla Namo♦

London photodiary

♦ On our way to London ♦

♦ On our way to Oxford Street ♦

♦ Jamie's Italian ♦

♦ Going to Notting Hill ♦

♦ So beautiful! ♦

♦ Ahhh, Starbucks Frappuccino ♦

♦ In Notting Hill ♦

♦ Also in Notting Hill - so impressed by all these colorful houses ♦

♦ All Saints ♦

♦ Someone give me this mirror ♦

♦ Had just bought this amazing vintage Levis jacket - which explains the happyface ♦

♦ A look I wore one of the days in London - also the only look I got to take a picture of. Didn't have time for that haha ♦

♦ Camden Market - miss it already. So many good vintageshops, wish I got to spend more time there. Have to go back soon ♦

♦ And at last - John Lennon ♦

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