shaky ground

Shirt - thrifted

Shorts - vintage Levi's

Boots - Dr. Martens

Jacket - vintage

get free

Burn it down

Shirt - thrifted

Shorts - vintage Levi's

Bag - Bijou Brigitte

it's been a while

Almost a year since last time.

Jacket - vintage Levi's

T.shirt - vintage

Skirt - H&M

Beanie - eBay

Shoes - TUK creepers

Autumn Leaves

Jacket - New Yorker // Sweater - H&M // Top - H&M // Boots - Dr. Martens // Beanie - Primark

Our Youth

Boots - Dr. Martens // Jeans - cubus // Shirt - thrifted // Top - H&M // Hat - bought in London


Lost it to Trying

Jacket - Bik Bok // Creepers - TUK footwear // Jeans - H&M // Sweater - Dr. Denim // Collar shirt - vintage

OUTFIT THROWBACK // one year ago

Think it's so much fun looking through my own archive and see how I dressed this time last year - one of the main reasons I have this blog (and my lookbook) ♥


Ten More Days

t-shirt - h&m // discopants - h&m // creepers - t.u.k. // beanie - ebay // necklaces - bijou brigitte

Laidback Monday

Jacket - Only (old) // Shirt - thrifted // Shoes - Vans // Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Photos taken by Ida Toldnæs ♥

Pink Panther

Shirt - thrifted // Bag - Bijou Brigitte // Creepers - TUK // Beanie - eBay // Jacket - H&M

Burgundy on Burgundy

Leggings - Bik Bok // Shirt - specialmade from Vietnam // Cardigan - second hand // Scarf - Bijou Brigitte


Top - Second hand // Shorts - Levi's vintage // Cross necklace - Bijou Brigitte // Sunglasses - eBay

Decide Commit Succeed

Skirt - H&M // Topp - Urban // Belt - old // Shoes - T.U.K.


90's dress

Dress - fretex // Creepers - T.U.K. footwear // Bikerjacket - H&M // Necklace - Bijou Brigitte

Red Trailer

Dress - H&M // Printed flats - Vans // Bikerjacket - H&M // Necklace - fretex


Jacket - H&M (old) // T-shirt - Carlings // Skirt - Asos // Necklace - second hand


Summer in the City

Dress - Lace // Backpack - CMYK // Hat - H&M // Necklace - Bijou Brigitte

From when I was in Bergen last weekend ♥

Four Letter Word

Dress & Hat - H&M // Bag & Necklace - Bijou Brigitte // Shirt - vintage

Plaid & Black

Plaid skirt - vintage // Chunky boots - eBay // Necklaces - Bijou Brigitte // Tattoochoker - eBay // Hat - bought in London


Lace shorts - eBay // Ripped top - vintage // Boots - Dr. Martens // Fringe bag - Bijou Brigitte


The Last Summerdays

Shoes - T.U.K. creepers // Dress - market in Nicaragua // Shirt - thrifted // Bag - Bijou Brigitte



Dress - Asos (old) // Shoes - H&M // Necklace & bag - Bijou Brigitte


Dress - H&M // Backpack - CMYK // Necklace & stone ring - Bijou Brigitte



Shirt - Second hand // Skirt - Bik Bok // Top - H&M // Backpack - CMYK

Pictures taken by Ida Toldnæs 

In Field

Skirt - Second hand // Hat - shop in London // Top - Carlings (cut & ripped myself) // Shoes - TUK

Pictures taken by the wonderful Ida Toldnæs <3


Bikerjacket - Bik Bok // Plaid shirt - second hand // Jeans - Cubus // Creepers - TUK // Hat - H&M


DAY 1:

DAY 2:

DAY 3:

The Rolling Stones

T-shirt - H&M Men, made the fringes myself, you can see how HERE // Shorts - H&M // Jacket - Vintage Levi's // Hat - H&M

Festivallook day 3

Top - H&M // Cardigan - Bik Bok // Jeans - Cubus // Hat - H&M

Yesterday was the last day of this years musicfestival - Slottsfjellfestival. I miss it already - had such a good time <3

Festivallook day 2

Dress - River Island // Dr. Martens - Second Hand // Flower hairband - eBay // Necklace - Bijou Brigitte


Festivallook day 1

Dress - H&M Coachella // Hat - Market in London // Bikerjacket - H&M (old)

Sooo ready for the first day of this years Slottsfjell festival! Ah, can't wait.


Tee - Carlings // Shoes - Asos // Sunglasses - Vans // Jeans - Bik Bok


Maxidress & leather jacket - H&M // Shoes - Asos // Bag & sunnies - second hand


Joy Division tee - H&M // Levi's shorts - vintage // Militaryjacket - Only (old) // 1991 caps - H&M Men


Flowers everywhere

Dress - H&M Coachella // Platform shoes - ASOS


The End Of The Line

Skirt - Second Hand // Crop top - H&M // Necklace - Bik Bok // Backpack - CMYK // Sunglasses - Market

Out of Time

Docs - Second Hand // Bag - Asos // Necklaces - Bijou Brigitte // Sunglasses - Market // Dress - Nelly (old)

Love is the New Black

Levi's vintage denim jacket // TUK creeper shoes // eBay chokers

Good Times Bad Times

Shoes - TUK creepers // Lace shorts - ebay // Bag - Asos // Shirt - vintage

Floral & Mom Jeans

Floral Bomberjacket - Primark // Shoes - TUK creepers // Cross necklace - Bijou Brigitte // Chokers - eBay // Mom jeans - second hand


She's Lost Control

Chunky sandals - eBay // Lace shorts - ebay // Guns N' Roses tee - vintage // Jacket - Bik Bok


Levi's & Creepers

Creepers - TUK footwear // SHorts - Levi's Vintage // Shirt - Second Hand // Top - Bik Bok // Chokers - eBay // Stone necklace - Bik Bok




Jeans - Second Hand // Shoes & tee - Asos // Yinyangchoker - eBay



90's vibe

Sunglasses - Ray Ban // Skirt - Second hand // Top - H&M // Platforms - eBay

Kan ikke akkurat skryte av sommeren så langt - men denne dagen var ganske så fin <3

Sun is Shining

Floral shirt - Asos // Crochet top - H&M // Shorts - Vintage Levi's // Shoes - TUK creepers

Today was a lovely day ♥


Creepers - TUK // Tattoochoker - eBay // Floral cardigan - Vintage (bought in Nicaragua) // Top - Carlings (cropped it myself)

Pictures taken by Ida Toldnæs.


Shoes - Vans // Nirvana top - H&M // Boyfriend jeans - Bik Bok

Pictures taken by Ida Toldnæs.


Black Eagle

Creepers - TUK // Jacket - vintage // Discopants - H&M

Those Crazy Ones

Maxi skirt - Second Hand //  Creepers - TUK // Levi's jacket - vintage // Lace crop top - H&M

Finally wearing my new creepers ♥ no more cheap ones from ebay!

Run to the Hills

T-shirt - Carlings // Levi's vintage jacket // Vans // Vintage blouse

Vintage Guns

Guns N' Roses tee - Vintage // Bikerjacket - H&M // Creepers - eBay

Pictures taken by Ida Toldnæs.

Leather & Crochet

Sunglasses - VANS // Jacket - H&M // Choker & necklace - eBay

Pictures taken by Ida Toldnæs.

Out of the Blue

Denimjacket - Vintage Levi's // Shoes - Nike air max 90

Devil May Cry

Shorts - vintage Levi's // Tee - Dropkick Murphys band tee

Three Times Vintage

Jacket, blouse & printed tee - Vintage // Jeans - H&M // Faux leather creepers - eBay

Odds of Even

Skirt // Bik Bok // Top & creepers - Primark // Cross necklace - Bijou Brigitte // Chokers - eBay

Silver Skirt

Vintage Levi's jacket // H&M top // eBay tattoochoker

City Streets

From this weekend in Oslo ♥

Jacket - H&M // Top - Monki // Backpack - CMYK


An outfit from this weekend in Oslo - wore this at my friends birthdayparty ♥

Shorts - Vintage Levi's // Top - Bik Bok // Creepers - Primark // Chokers - eBay

Tartan Skirt

Skirt - Missguided

Creepers - Primark

Sunglasses - Bijou Brigitte

A beautiful day in the sun ♥

Vintage Blouse

Bluse - Second Hand // Smykker - Bijou Brigitte & eBay // Topp - Bik Bok

By The Sea

♦ Bikerjakke - H&M // Beanie - Gina Tricot // Bluse - Second Hand // T-skjorte - Carlings // Skinnleggings - Bik Bok // Creepers - eBay // Smykke - Bijou Brigitte // Tattoochoker - eBay // Ringer - Bijou Brigitte & old ♦

Bildene tatt av Ida Toldnæs



Shorts - Vintage Levi's

Topp - Second Hand

Smykke - Bijou Brigitte

Creepers - eBay

Jakke - H&M

Elsker at våren nærmer seg - er så herlig når solen titter frem ♥ Hadde på dette antrekket for et par dager siden - hadde akkurat kjøpt toppen på Fretex, elsker følelsen av å finne en liten skatt i en stor butikk med masse rart for en billig penge. Og det å ha noe kanskje ikke alle andre har også. Den grønne skjorta fra innlegget "Something From Nothing" var også et kupp denne dagen (:


Something From Nothing



Took some outfitphotos at the cutest little coffeeshop today. This place is going to be my new go-to spot, no doubt. I'll post some more pictures of the coffeeshop in another post soon (:

Beanie - Primark

Blouse - Second Hand

Leather Shorts - New Yorker

Choker - eBay

Cross necklace - Bijou Brigitte

Dr. Martens







Checkered Dress

 Cutest dress <3


Acid Wash


A comfy outfit for a winter day. Been shopping for christmaspresents for three hours today, and then spent a couple of hours at home wrapping them in. Still gotta buy a couple more, but I'm getting there. Just five more days until christmas, can't wait <3


Sparkly Shirt



Sparkly shirt - second hand

shorts - old ripped jeans

Chunky boots - eBay

Tomorrow's my last exam, and I'm so nervous, I don't know what to do with myself.. Can't wait for this one to be over, and just relax, work, and celebrate christmas..



Bright Lights, Big City




Game Over

A comfy outfit while reading for the exams. Can't wait for christmas vacation, so tired of reading and exams...


All I Wanted




Got this awesome t-shirt at a Dropkick Murphys concert this summer.




Stripes & Leather

Shirt & cardigan - H&M

Leather tights - Bik Bok


Military print, knee-high socks, and chunky boots ♥

Crooked Young

Coat - Vintage

Chunky boots - eBay

Floral dress - H&M


Denim jacket - Vintage Levi's

Boots - Dr. Martens

Shirt & Nirvana tee - H&M

Backpack - CMYK

Lookbook outfits

Some outfits I've posted at lookbook and not here :)

Live or Die


♥ Been some months, but it feels good to post an outfit again. The days are full with school, work and other things - but in just two days it's my birthday, and this weekend is going to be legendary ♥

Silver Choker

Jacket - Only // Boots - Dr. Martens // Backpack - CMYK // Shorts - Vintage Levi's // Overknee socks - eBay // Cropped sweater - second hand


Muscle tee - Carlings

Backpack - Cmyk

Shorts - Levi's Vintage

Out of mind

Yesterdays look, the last day at the music festival. These past three days has been awesome, I've had so much fun and I'm SOO tired! Haha. Going to eat some junkfood with Ida today, and just relax. Maybe clean the apartment... Haha.

Yesterday I saw Lars Vaular, The Lumineers, Lilla Namo, Honningbarna and it was so much fun! ♥

Crop top - Bik Bok

Bag -

Shorts - Levi's Vintage


From yesterday. Had an awesome time watching Kaveh, Highasakite, First Aid Kit, Phoenix, Comet Kid and many more ♥ Today I'm looking forward to Lars Vaular, The Lumineers, Veronica Maggio, Honningbarna etc. Ah, life on festival. Just... awesome.


Are You Mine

Today is the first day of the musicfestival here in town, Slottsfjellfestival! I'm so excited, my friend Ida (check out her blog here) is here over the weekend and I know we're going to have so much fun! Can't wait for some of the best bands for today - Band of SKulls, Dropkick Murphys, Lykke Li and many more ♥

Levi's shorts and printed tee - Vintage

Hat - Bought in London

Bag - Bik Bok (old..)


But I wonder, where were you

Casual, comfy look for warm summerdays. And oh, my hair is new. Again.

Necklace - Bijou Brigitte

Shorts & cut out boots - eBay


Cross & Lace

Shoes - River Island

Lace shorts - eBay

Cut out shoulder top - Urban

Plaid shirt - H&M Men

Ain't it fun

Wasn't sure to post this look, cause it's kinda... dull. But I don't have any other outfitpictures right now, so here we go. Wore this a month ago or something like that, on a warm summerday ♥

Shorts -

Tee - H&M


White Denim

Top & bag - Vintage

Shoes & shorts - eBay


Black Eyes

Hey guys! Today I'm posting my outfit as usual, but I'm also gonna post some photos from today at the end of the post :) Hope you like it!


Shorts & top - Bik Bok

Sunglasses and necklace - Bijou Brigitte

Platform shoes -


Pics from my chill day in the sun:

Hope you've had a great wednesday!

Pure Silent

♦ What I'm wearing today ♦

Shorts - Levi's vintage

Muscle tee - Carlings (Men's, cut off the arms)

Creepers - eBay

Bag - Vintage

Sunglasses - eBay




Got my new shorts from in the mail today, and I LOVE it! I had originally paired this look with my vintage Levi's shorts, but had to put this on right away haha. So it was off to work with my new shorts ♥

Paisley printed shorts - Asos

Blue stone ring, dark silver ring & necklace - Bijou Brigitte

Creepers - Primark

Vintage Levi's jacket - Thrift store in London


Shade of Green

Bikerjacket - H&M
Creepers - eBay
Shorts - old, cut off jeans
Bag - Vintage, belonged to my grandma ♥

Red Plaid

Shirt - Second hand
Necklace - H&M

Floral, floral, floral

Floral maxi skirt - eBay

Platform shoes - Asos

Fight Back


Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. ♥ - Rachel Zoe


Creepers & necklace - Primark

Infinity ring - eBay

Green stone ring - Bijou Brigitte

Knitted sweater - Bik Bok


Chill by the brew

Couple of weeks ago, wearing some new items from ♥

Shirt, platformsneakers & bag -

Denim cutoffs - vintage Levi's


Run on Love


Kimono - Only

Maxiskirt - Urban

Love my Levi's

Vintage Levi's denimjacket

Creepers - Primark

Bag -

Tee - H&M


Crochet Cardigan

Yesterday's workoutfit. Love my shoes & skirt from ♥

Cardigan - Second Hand

Platform shoes -

Skirt -

Necklace - Bijou Brigitte


Off to work again soon, hope you all have had a great start of the week.


Maxi in the Mountains

A beautiful maxidress I wore in a wedding a couple of weeks ago ♥ It's from, but I think it's sold out unfortunately.


Crop That Top

A look from several weeks ago. Wasn't sure if I was gonna post it - put I haven't posted anything for ages. Really love this second hand cropped sweater - but pictures taken in the mirror aren't my favorite. Hope you all have a good week!

Leather jacket - Vintage

Cropped sweater - Second hand

Denim shorts - Bik Bok

Faux leather creepers - eBay



A springlook from earlier this week ♥

Midirings & dreamcatcher necklace - Bijou Brigitte

Skirt, vest & converse - Urban

Sunglasses - eBay


Why is it so

Cutest lionsweater ♥

Lionprinted sweater - eBay

It was only pretend

From saturday night - girls night ♥

Floral skirt - Gina Tricot


Endless World

A comfy look from eastertime.

Glasses - Bijou Brigitte

Bikerjacket - H&M

Hoodie - eBay


Here I'll Stay

Levi's, plaid shirt, chunky boots and a leatherjacket.. Perfect combo ♥

Bikerjacket - H&M

Plaid shirt - H&M Men's

Chunky boots - eBay

Levi's 505 shorts - Vintage


Pink spring

Pinkredpurplewhat hair don't care.

Got a little creative with the hairdye this morning haha. Don't really know what I was aiming for, but yeah.. This happened.

Will you wait for me

When I went out the door today I had nooo idea how hot it really was - so I had to carry the jacket.. Did NOT need it. ♥


Sunny sunday

So sunny - so amazing <3

Headband & necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Bikerjacket & tee - H&M
Purse - Second Hand

Let it go

Last night's look - going out ♥

Floral top - Bik Bok

Necklace - Bijou Brigitte


Bring me the horizon

Beanieday ♥

Beanie & fluffy cardigan - Primark

Pastel Green

Yesterdays springlook ♦


Live that fantasy

Today's look. Going to work now, hope you all have a great monday!

Denimjacket - Levi's vintage


You got my head spinning

Yesterday's look to school ♦

Levi's 505 shorts - Vintage

Bikerjacket - H&M

Beanie & creepers - Primark

Circle sunglasses - eBay



A look from a couple of days ago, when the sun was up. Can the rain stop, please?!

Creepers & floral bomberjacket - Primark

Levi's 505 shorts - Vintage



What I wore to school today ♦

Beanie - Carhartt

Jeans - Urban

Bikerjacket - H&M

Boots - Second hand

Strength to endure

Where'd the sun go?

Boyfriend jeans - Gina Tricot

Plaid shirt - H&M Men's

Shoes - Shoeday


Midnight madness


Loving florals these days.

Bikerjacket - H&M

Creepers - Primark

Hat - shop in London


Flower garland


Smiling and feeling happy when the sun shines so bright and makes you nice and warm <3

Levi's 505 shorts - Vintageshop in London

Fluffy cardigan - Primark

Purse - Second hand

Flower garland - Market in London


Big Jet Plane


Today's workoutfit. Love my vintage Levis jacket ♥

Levis jacket - Vintageshop in London

Creepers - Primark

Circle sunglasses - eBay


Look at the view


I had a perfect long weekend in Oslo ♥ This look is from saturday - the weather was perfect, and the rooftop's AWESOME. Can't wait to spend some summernights here with my good friend Anette who lives in this building. Ahh, I miss Oslo and freetime already.

Shorts - eBay

Tee - Primark

Bikerjacket - H&M (old)


Having a good time in Oslo with my girls.

Tee & jacket - Vintage
Creepers - Primark
Shorts - Bik Bok

Two rights make one wrong

Kind of a spring inspired outfit ♥

One more day, and I'll be home from London!

The way it was

Love this skirt from eBay, but it's too "cute" for my style - so I added these black elements to make it more.. me? :)

Take me somewhere nice

Not sure if I actually like the colors in this dress with my hair.. ? Can't decide, haha.

Dress & leather vest - Carlings (old though..)

Suede creepers - eBay

Right place right time

This jacket was a bargain, and I got it for just 100kr (around 16$!). I love it, and can't wait to match it with more outfits. Wore this look to school - comfy and casual.

Jacket - Urban

Printed tee - H&M

Suede creepers - eBay

If you want to see pictures and updates from London, you can follow me at instagram (@rundes) - pretty sure I'm gonna be posting some photos there :)


In the end

Hey guys! Finally getting an outfit posted - and a lot more will be posted thoughout the week - so keep checking in :) I've prewritten them today, cause tomorrow I'm going to London and will be gone until sunday. And I think I will post a Londonpost - we'll see. Hope you all have a good week!

Hei! Endelig fått postet et antrekk - og mange fler vil bli postet resten av uka, så følg med :) Jeg har forhåndsskrevet dem idag, for jeg drar til London imorgen og blir borte til søndag. Tror jeg kommer til å poste et Londoninnlegg - vi får se. Håper alle har en fin uke!

Velvet leggings - H&M

Faux leather creepers, thumb ring & circle sunglasses - eBay

Printed & distressed tee - Vintage

Necklace - Bijou Brigitte

Make a statement

It feels like spring! ♥

Sunglasses & creepers - eBay

Printed tee - Urban

Shirt (under tee), shorts & jacket - Bik Bok (it's all old though)

Leather bag - vintage (grandma's♥)


Denim dungarees

Well, this was the funniest shoot ever. My roomie took my photos as (almost) always - but this time we had another friend with us. This is a girl with a special type of humor that matches mine perfectly. So to say it in another way - everytime we're together we laugh. Hard. Over the weirdest things. And this day was no exception. I laughed so hard and well, yeah... You can see that on the pictures! Haha. Hope all have a great week!

Det her var en av de morsomste shootene noensinne. Roomie'n min tok bildene som (nesten) alltid - men denne gangen hadde vi med en venninne til med oss. Det her er en jente med en spesiell type humor som matcher min helt perfekt. Så for å si det på en annen måte - hver gang vi er sammen ler vi. Hardt. Over de rareste ting. Og denne dagen var intet unntak. Jeg lo så hardt og, ja... Det kan man se på bildene! Haha. Håper alle får en fin uke!

Dungarees & creepers - eBay

Leather bikerjacket - H&M

Rolling Stones tee - Vintage

Dogs make me happy

Meet Simba ♥ A cute and playful dog. So much fun!


Jacket - Bik Bok

Jeans - New Yorker

Dr. Martens lookalike - Second hand

Printed tee - Vintage



Todays workoutfit. All I seem to post these days are workoutfits... Hah. At practice I only wear jeans and a tshirt/sweater, so nothing exciting to post there... It's just one day left for weekend, and I can't wait. It'll be so good to get some extra sleep! Then there's only one more week left, and it's back to school. :)

Dagens jobbantrekk. Alt jeg poster om dagen er jobbantrekk... Hah. I praksis går jeg bare med jeans og en t-skjorte eller genser så blir ingenting interessant å poste av det... Nå er det bare en dag igjen til helg, og jeg klarer nesten ikke vente. Kommer til å bli så godt å få sovet litt mer og få litt fritid. Så er det bare en uke igjen av praksis, og tilbake til skolen. :)

Creepers - ebay here

Cardigan - Lindex

Bag - Vintage

Printed tee - Bik Bok (old, modified it myself)

Times like these

Woooaah new hair. Loving this vintage bag I've inherited from my grandmother.

Just want to thank you guys so much for the awesome comments I've received lately! You're so great ♥♥

Woooaah nytt hår! Elsker denne gamle vintageveska mi som jeg har arvet fra mormor.

Vil takke dere så mye for de herlige kommentarene jeg har fått i det siste! Dere er så ålreite altså ♥♥

Creepers & shorts - eBay

T-shirt - Carlings (men's, modified it myself)

Coat - New Yorker

Further up

Todays workoutfit.

Acid wash skinny jeans, beanie & jacket - Bik Bok

Chunky sandals - eBay


We built this city

A look from last week again. Hope I get to take any new photos soon, these last days it's been dark when the opportunity showed.. So, crossing my fingres for some phototaking in the light some day soon! ♦

Et antrekk fra forrige uke. Håper jeg får tatt noen nye bilder snart, men mørket har kommet og ødelagt for meg hver gangen muligheten har bydd seg. Så krysser fingrene for litt bildetaging en av de nærmeste dagene!

Wearing creepers again. SHOCK! Hah. They're from eBay. Loving the combination of creepers and kneehigh socks. They're also from eBay.

Plaid shirt & leather jacket - H&M


See the sea

A look I wore last week. Don't have the time to take a lot of photos these days with practice, work and other stuff. But I have a couple of looks from last week that I am going to post :)

Et antrekk jeg hadde på meg forrige uke. Har ikke mye tid nå om dagen til å ta bilder - tiden forsvinner fort når det er både praksis og jobb. Men har noen bilder fra forrige uke som jeg kommer til å poste :)

Disco pants & Pink Floyd tunic - H&M


Yesterdays outfit. Did the stupid thing again - didn't get the pics taken when there was light out. Loving the combination of velvet leggings and printed tee's. Hope you all had a good weekend and is ready for the everyday again. I am not. Probably on my way to work right from school right now. So... Happy Monday!

Gårsdagens. Gjorde det dumme igjen, og fikk ikke tatt bildene når det var lyst ute. Treig. Digger kombinasjon mellom fløyelsleggings og tskjorter med print. Håper alle hadde en fin helg/vinterferie og er klar for hverdagen igjen. Det er ikke jeg. Når dette innlegget postes er jeg nok på vei fra skole/praksis og til jobb. Så.. God mandag!

Creepers - ebay

Velvet leggings - H&M

Top - Carlings

Mesh top - ebay

Yellow Vibe

Yesterdays outfit. I'm kinda obsessed with beanies, especially black ones.... And yes, my ombre is bleached. Don't really know what to do with my hair next, but I guess I will come up with a crazy idea soon haha. Hope you had a nice weekend!

Gårsdagens antrekk. Jeg er smålig besatt av beanies kan man si, særlig svarte... Og ja, ombre'n min er bleket. Vet ikke helt hva neste steg med håret mitt blir, men jeg kommer vel opp med en gæren ide snart haha. Håper alle har hatt en fin helg!

Beanie - ebay

Boots - Bianco


Holding On To You

An outfit I wore a couple of days ago, the snow is allready gone - but I bet it'll come back any day soon... Sick of this weather. But love my glasses! Haha. Love the geekyness of them. Hope you all have a good saturday.

Et antrekk jeg hadde på meg for et par dager siden, snøen er allerede borte - men jeg vedder på at den kommer tilbake igjen når som helst.. Ganske lei det været her. Men digger de nye brillene mine! Haha. Liker det nerdete ved dem. Håper alle får en fin lørdag!

New beanie from ebay

Dr. Martens lookalike - second hand

Men's tee - Carlings


City of angels

Love my new tee from Carlings! Yes, it's for men, but who cares. I've got so many ideas about what I can mix it with. Can't wait hah. Probably at work when this gets posted, and after that it's weekend! Yey! And then it's back to the everyday and all that follows.. So, gotta enjoy these last days. Hope you all get a good weekend!

Digger den nye toppen min fra Carlings! Ja, den er fra herreavdelingen, men pytt. Jeg har allerede flere idéer om hva jeg kan bruke den med, gleder meg haha. Jeg er nok på jobb når dette innlegget postes, og etter det er det helg! Yey! Og så er det tilbake til hverdagen og det som følger med... Får nyte de siste dagene. Håper dere alle får en fin helg!

Creepers & overknee socks - ebay


Winter Denial

This weather is just unneccessary. Haha. Rain, snow, sun, snow, sun, rain, snow... ??

Beanie & creepers - ebay

Velvet leggings & printed tee - H&M

Comfy Cool

All comfy today. This jacket is the most comfortable jacket I have, but it's still so cool I think. And the velvet leggings, aaahh.. I love being comfy without having to wear sweatpants haha.

Idag bryr jeg meg mest om å være komfortabel. Jakka er den deiligste jeg har, men likevel er den så tøff syntes jeg. Og fløyelsleggings, digg å kunne ha det så behagelig uten å måtte ha på joggebukse haha.

Coat - Urban | Gabrielle Signature Collection

Beanie & top (ripped it myself) - Bik Bok

Velvet leggings - H&M

Dr. Martens lookalike - Second hand

And then the sun came

Got so happy when the sun showed up. My GOD, I can't wait for spring and summer time! Love mixing a sweatshirt with a leather jacket, and the creepers...Don't wanna wear anything else. Haha.

Ble så glad når sola dukket opp i dag. HerreGUD, jeg gleder meg så fælt til vår og sommer! Idag har jeg miksa en sweatshirt med en skinnjakke, og creepersene klarer jeg ikke legge fra meg. Haha.

Bikerjacket, sweatshirt & skirt - H&M

Bag - vintage / got it from my grandmother

Creepers - ebay

Walking down memory lane

My love for this is huge. ♥

Listen closely to the wind

This was cold. That's all I have to say.


Docs, coat & bag - vintage

So much for valentine

Didn't have my photographer aka roomie here today, but I wanted to get some pics of this look - so yeah... Not the best pics, and I don't like to upload pics I'm not completely satisfied with, but here goes.

Min fotograf aka roomie er ikke her i dag, men jeg hadde likevel lyst til å laste opp bilder av outfitet mitt. Ikke beste bildene, menmen.

Creepers - ebay / get them here

Shorts - Bik Bok / old

Plaid shirt - Gina Tricot

Crop top - H&M

Hi Pony

I actually like my pictures the best when they're light and bright, but today I was too late. Oh well! The creepers are my favorite, I am so happy now that the snow is gone so I can actually wear them! Haha. Just got my leather ones from ebay as well ♥

Liker best å få tatt bildene når det er lyst ute, men idag var jeg for sen. Etter praksis og litt latskap hjemme rakk jeg det rett og slett ikke. Jaja! Creepers er mine favoritter, er så glad nå som snen er borte og jeg faktisk får brukt dem. Har endelig fått de nye i skinn fra ebay også ♥

Creepers - ebay

Tee & bikerjacket - H&M

Discoleggings - Bik Bok

Stupid rain.

The rain won't stop me from getting some photos taken. Haha. Sunday outfit, right before I went to eat at Burger King with a friend. That tasted goooood!

Regnet stopper ikke meg fra å ta bilder, nei. Søndagsoutfit, rett før en god middag på Burger King. Smakte innmari godt!

Creepers - ebay

Printed tee - Vintage

Acid jeans- H&M

Jacket & scarf - Bik Bok

Tote bag - Søstrene Grene

Leather on Leather


The sun appeared slighty, so the first thing I did was to throw on my leatherjacket. Missed it so much! So sick of winter and the cold weather.

Bikerjacket & disco pants - H&M

Purse & beanie - Bik Bok

Boots - Bianco

Tee & Cardigan - Lindex


So... I'm starting up a new blog. I've used my previous blog (find it here) for over 4 years now. 4 years! I can't believe it actually... But I think the content is so messy, and I blogged about so many different things. I'm going to focus on two things now - my everyday looks and pictures I take. Just because I love fashion and photography, so that's what I want to blog about. ♥

Så... Da starter jeg opp en ny blogg. Jeg holdt på med den forrige bloggen - - i hele 4 år! Kan faktisk ikke tro det, men så lang tid har det altså gått. Syntes den bloggen har blitt så rotete, og jeg blogget om så mye forskjellige ting der. Orket ikke tanken på å begynne å rydde opp den bloggen med 4 års arkiv, så derfor ble det ny. Her ønsker jeg å kun fokusere på to ting - to ting jeg liker veldig godt - nemlig mote og fotografi. ♥

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