Why is it so

Cutest lionsweater ♥

Lionprinted sweater - eBay

It was only pretend

From saturday night - girls night ♥

Floral skirt - Gina Tricot

Endless World

A comfy look from eastertime.

Glasses - Bijou Brigitte

Bikerjacket - H&M

Hoodie - eBay

Here I'll Stay

Levi's, plaid shirt, chunky boots and a leatherjacket.. Perfect combo ♥

Bikerjacket - H&M

Plaid shirt - H&M Men's

Chunky boots - eBay

Levi's 505 shorts - Vintage

Pink spring

Pinkredpurplewhat hair don't care.

Got a little creative with the hairdye this morning haha. Don't really know what I was aiming for, but yeah.. This happened.

Insta photodiary part IIII

See more pics & find me at instagram; @rundes

Will you wait for me

When I went out the door today I had nooo idea how hot it really was - so I had to carry the jacket.. Did NOT need it. ♥

Sunny sunday

So sunny - so amazing <3

Headband & necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Bikerjacket & tee - H&M
Purse - Second Hand

Let it go

Last night's look - going out ♥

Floral top - Bik Bok

Necklace - Bijou Brigitte

Bring me the horizon

Beanieday ♥

Beanie & fluffy cardigan - Primark

Pastel Green

Yesterdays springlook ♦

Live that fantasy

Today's look. Going to work now, hope you all have a great monday!

Denimjacket - Levi's vintage

You got my head spinning

Yesterday's look to school ♦

Levi's 505 shorts - Vintage

Bikerjacket - H&M

Beanie & creepers - Primark

Circle sunglasses - eBay


A look from a couple of days ago, when the sun was up. Can the rain stop, please?!

Creepers & floral bomberjacket - Primark

Levi's 505 shorts - Vintage


What I wore to school today ♦

Beanie - Carhartt

Jeans - Urban

Bikerjacket - H&M

Boots - Second hand

Strength to endure

Where'd the sun go?

Boyfriend jeans - Gina Tricot

Plaid shirt - H&M Men's

Shoes - Shoeday

Midnight madness

Loving florals these days.

Bikerjacket - H&M

Creepers - Primark

Hat - shop in London

Flower garland

Smiling and feeling happy when the sun shines so bright and makes you nice and warm <3

Levi's 505 shorts - Vintageshop in London

Fluffy cardigan - Primark

Purse - Second hand

Flower garland - Market in London

Big Jet Plane

Today's workoutfit. Love my vintage Levis jacket ♥

Levis jacket - Vintageshop in London

Creepers - Primark

Circle sunglasses - eBay

Look at the view

I had a perfect long weekend in Oslo ♥ This look is from saturday - the weather was perfect, and the rooftop's AWESOME. Can't wait to spend some summernights here with my good friend Anette who lives in this building. Ahh, I miss Oslo and freetime already.

Shorts - eBay

Tee - Primark

Bikerjacket - H&M (old)

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