Shorts - Vintage Levi's

Topp - Second Hand

Smykke - Bijou Brigitte

Creepers - eBay

Jakke - H&M

Elsker at vren nrmer seg - er s herlig nr solen titter frem ♥ Hadde p dette antrekket for et par dager siden - hadde akkurat kjpt toppen p Fretex, elsker flelsen av finne en liten skatt i en stor butikk med masse rart for en billig penge. Og det ha noe kanskje ikke alle andre har ogs. Den grnne skjorta fra innlegget "Something From Nothing" var ogs et kupp denne dagen (:

Cutest, little coffeeshop

Some pictures from a cute coffeeshop I went to the other day (:

Definitely going back soon <3

Something From Nothing

Took some outfitphotos at the cutest little coffeeshop today. This place is going to be my new go-to spot, no doubt. I'll post some more pictures of the coffeeshop in another post soon (:

Beanie - Primark

Blouse - Second Hand

Leather Shorts - New Yorker

Choker - eBay

Cross necklace - Bijou Brigitte

Dr. Martens

Checkered Dress

Cutest dress <3

Acid Wash

A comfy outfit for a winter day. Been shopping for christmaspresents for three hours today, and then spent a couple of hours at home wrapping them in. Still gotta buy a couple more, but I'm getting there. Just five more days until christmas, can't wait <3

Sparkly Shirt

Sparkly shirt - second hand

shorts - old ripped jeans

Chunky boots - eBay

Tomorrow's my last exam, and I'm so nervous, I don't know what to do with myself.. Can't wait for this one to be over, and just relax, work, and celebrate christmas..

Bright Lights, Big City

Empty Casket

Just received these beautiful necklaces from Empty Casket - so in love, and perfect to pair with my tattoochoker <3

Game Over

A comfy outfit while reading for the exams. Can't wait for christmas vacation, so tired of reading and exams...

All I Wanted


Some of my recent photos at my instagram - @amandafrunde


Got this awesome t-shirt at a Dropkick Murphys concert this summer.

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